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Virtual Tour: Preah Pithu group of Temples in the Angkor Thom Complex Siem Reap Cambodia .
Cambodia Heritage - Angkor Wat - Preah Pithu Group Temples. .
Preah Pithu/ប្រាសាទកោសក់/ Kor Sork temple .
Kor Sak Temple | One of Preah Pithu Temple | Angkor Temple | ប្រាសាទកោរសក់ .
Historical of Kandork Yeak temple for Preah Pithu X Group .
Kandork Yeak Temple, Preah Pithu Y ប្រាសាទកណ្តកយក្ស .
Preah Pithu/ប្រាសាទកណ្តកយក្ស/Kandork Yeak Temple .
Ancient's Ta Tout Temple for Preah Pithu X, Angkor, Cambodia .