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NEW CAIRO | Visiting Luxury Malls and RICH Neighbourhoods | Egypt Travel Vlog 🇪🇬 - القاهرة الجديدة .
Travel Vlog: Walking Through The Streets Of New Cairo EGYPT 🇪🇬 .
Luxury Living in Egypt waterway - 4k Tour of New Cairo! #travel #egypt #cairo #dubai #埃及 #египет .
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Look At Where We Stayed In New Cairo Egypt | Room Tour | Maran Residence | Travel Vlog .
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They Built Dubai Like City in Egypt (The New Cairo City) Ep-4 .
[埃及自助行] EP6 | 埃及未來新首都?充滿富人的新開羅? | New Cairo, a City Built for the Rich? | 凱西在路上CATHY ON THE WAY .
中国小姐姐到达埃及第一天,探索新开罗城区,居然找到北京饭馆 .