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An-30. Landing at the Minsk-1 airport.Cockpit View.flv .
Take-off at Minsk-1 airport to Moscow-Vnukovo (MHP-VKO) .
An-30. Take-Off from Minsk-1 airport. Cockpit View.flv .
CRJ-100 take off from Minsk-1 airport .
Ruby Star An-12BK Glass Nose - Arrival Rwy 30 at Minsk-1 Airport (MHP), Belarus .
Belarus Independence day fireworks from Minsk-1 Airport (July 2013) .
Ruby Star An-12BK - Flight from Minsk-1 Airport (MHP) to Mogilev Airport (MVQ), Belarus .
Ruby Star An-12BP Cub - Flight from Minsk-2 National (MSQ) to Minsk-1 Airport (MHP), Belarus .