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moving from NY to CALI for COLLEGE (travel + move in vlog // chapman university) .
MY FIRST WEEK BACK IN COLLEGE! (sophomore year at USC, new classes, stress, productive routine vlog) .
COLLEGE VLOG Ep: 001 | Campus life, doing schoolwork, making a vision board for 2023 & more .
college vlog 💤 finals, long days at libraries, & daily life as a student .
college life vlog 🌸☔️ spring classes, cherry blossoms, & tips from a UW student! .
living alone vlog 🧸☁️ college days in boston, starting self care, cafes, getting my life together .
COLLEGE WEEKLY VLOG| classes, starbucks drinks, and target runs chile .
COLLEGE VLOG 📚 studying for finals + last week of freshman year at USC .
VLOG ★ my first week of college .
First Day of College at USC! (Freshman Year VLOG + GRWM) .