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Not Very Good Vlog- from the Unisphere at the World's Fair in New York!! .
Unisphere at Flushing Meadows Corona Park Queens NYC, #reisetagebuch #nyc #vlog #gopro11 #queens .
It's My Park: The Unisphere (1964 World's Fair) .
The Story of The Unisphere - 1964 .
What to do for a DAY TRIP in FLUSHING NYC? | Unisphere, Queens Zoo, Flushing Meadows Park and MORE .
🇺🇸 Unisphere, Queens, NY @PatriciaViaja .
Unisphere | World Largest Earth Monument | Flushing Meadows Corona Park-New York .
Walk in the MIST GARDEN at the Unisphere in Queens, New York City .
Live @ Flushing Meadows Corona Park-The Unisphere .
The Unisphere in Flushing, Queens, NY - A beautiful monument to the power of design .