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Wuhan Hubei China's two of the most DELICIOUS food I ever tasted [Small Girl Big World] .
Tour in Wuhan China & Enjoy Hubei Cuisines~游武汉吃湖北菜 .
楚菜传承者邹志平,从餐馆学徒到大学教授,为练绝活免费帮工【技能湖北】 .
Traditional Hubei cuisine shines best when prepared with modern cooking techniques .
Hubei cuisine - ingredient: Lotus root [A bit of China S1ep1] .
人物:邹志平,鄂菜大师 | People: Zou Zhiping, Hubei Cuisine Master Chef .
日本人に食べてほしい!超~辛い「湖北料理」【ビックリ日本】 .
楚菜代替鄂菜正式命名 鲜香微辣为特点 .