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【旅行Vlog】十二月的西西里巴勒莫 ︳December in Palermo(Sicily) .
Palermo Travel Guide 1: top ice cream &bakery/seafood/anniversary/Baroque archt【西西里岛巴勒莫吃喝旅行1】 .
Palermo Travel Guide 2:Ballarò Market/must-try street food/best cannolo/MassimoTheater【西西里岛巴勒莫吃喝旅行2】 .
Palermo Travel Guide 3:traditional Sicilian food/dessert/Norman Palace【西西里岛巴勒莫吃喝旅行3】 .
从陶尔米纳到巴勒莫 From Taormina to Palermo .
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Italy Travel Vlog: 5 Days in Palermo, History, Food, & Fun .
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Palermo Travel Vlog 西西里島第三站Palermo :人骨教堂膽小勿看 .