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AVICII - Levels Live 2012 (Avicii Arena/Globen Stockholm) .
AMAZING! Ella Tiritiello & Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra - "For a Better Day" @Avicii Arena .
Avicii Arena Stockholm by Drone 🚁 .
Avicii Arena - For A Better Day .
Inside the Avicii Arena: The opening of the Champions Stage at PGL Major Stockholm .
Galantis: Tribute to Avicii [Live @ Avicii Arena on Dec 1 2021] (Including orchestral Levels intro) .
Benson Boone - GHOST TOWN (First Live Performance Concert At The AVICII Arena) .
Björn at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm during the event to support Ukraine (english subtitles) .
One of worlds’ most iconic venues, Ericsson Globe, is now Avicii Arena .