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【NewYork】The Dakota ,New York City,Time Lapse #shorts #ニューヨーク .
【NewYork】The Dakota,New York City,Time Lapse #shorts #ニューヨーク .
John Lennon Ex-Building "The Dakota" .
NY 4K (2160) ダコタハウス 歯車マークをクリック 画質を2160に設定するのをお忘れなく The Dakota Apartments .
The Final Moments of John Lennon - Visiting The Dakota & His First NYC Apartment / Strawberry Fields .
This is the iconic The Dakota. This was John Lennon’s home and site of his murder in 1980 .
The Dakota John Lennon last home and passing away sight. #thebeatles #johnlennon #yokoono .
The Dakota Apartment | Horror Story | EP 17 .
The Dakota has been home to many artists, actors, & musicians, including John Lennon. .
The Dakota Apartments | John Lennon Ghost Story .