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My Treat | Ep .01 | Trying Naga Cuisine For The First Time | Ft. Sonali & Akshay | Ok Tested .
Pork with bamboo shoot. Favourite recipe. Nagaland foods. Naga cuisine. Northeast India. .
Naga food is all about umami and love. Nagaland foods. Naga cuisine .
Rosep/Rosup. Naga Cuisine. Nagaland Food. .
Anishi chutney. Naga cuisine. Tribe food. Fermented foods. Side dish from Northeast, Nagaland India .
Smoked pork with axone and perilla. Naga cuisine. Nagaland food. Tribal food .
Crispy pork with dry bamboo shoot. Tribal food. Nagaland food. Naga cuisine. .
Chicken Liver Chutney. Naga cuisine. Nagaland foods. .
Authentic Naga Feast in Delhi | Hornbill Restaurant Safdarjung | Nagaland Food | Naga Cuisine .
Rosep Aon, assorted local vegetables turned into one great side dish. Naga cuisine. Nagaland foods .