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Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (Full film) .
Execution of Sophie Scholl, The German Student Who Defied Hitler | Brought To Life .
Sophie Scholl in Court vs Roland Freisler EN Sub [Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage 2004] .
German anti-mask protester compares herself to Sophie Scholl during speech .
Sophie Scholl Birthday Celebration .
WWII 📜 Sophie Scholl - How a young woman defied Hitler .
"So ein Schwachsinn": „QUERDENKEN“-Rednerin vergleicht sich mit Sophie Scholl .
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (trailer) .
The man who beheaded Sophie Scholl. Johann Reichhart - the most prolific executioner in Germany. .
Bestial Execution of Sophie Scholl - Cruel Fate for Defying Nazi Germany - The White Rose - WW2 .