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Challenging approach Cockpit view of a Boeing 737 aircraft landing at Ivalo airport Finland. .
MSFS | Ivalo Airport by M'M Simulations - First Look & Review [Payware Scenery - Finland] .
Finnair Airbus A321 snow take off at Ivalo Airport - Finland .
サーリセルカからイヴァロ空港 (from Saariselka to Ivalo Airport) .
Arriving at Ivalo Airport, Finland .
Ivalo airport, Finland .
Ivalo Airport, Finland - Lapland Finnair Airbus a319 landing and takeoff .
Ivalo Airport night departure, northern most airport in the EU, with a chance spotting of an Aurora .
Ivalo airport via Finland air in a snow storm .
Arriving at Ivalo airport (IVL) in Lapland Finland. .