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Öland Zoo and Amusement Park, Borgholm Castle, Solliden Palace, Sweden 2021 in 4K .
Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle danincing at Carola concert at Solliden Palace .
King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia at garden exhibition at Solliden Palace .
Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore at Lena Philipsson concert at Solliden Palace .
Princess Estelle and Princess Madeleine Jill Johnsson concert at Solliden Palace .
Solliden Palace .
Victoria Day 2020 at Solliden Palace with Prince Oscar and Princess Estelle .
Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar at moms birthday party at Solliden Palace .
Blütenmeer auf Schloss Solliden - Besuch bei der schwedischen Königsfamilie [S1F10] – VLOG #65 .
Swedish Royal Family attended Carola's concert at Solliden .