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梅德斯通 (肯特郡) Maidstone, Kent 🇬🇧 #英國衣食住行 .
St. Michael's Church, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone, Kent, UK (4K) .
Medieval Fayre Maidstone Knight and Princess Training 英國戶外活動 騎士與公主訓練 .
Eating Korean Food in Maidstone, England | Food Travel vlog .
Tour of Maidstone town centre 4K UHD | County Town of Kent | September 2022 .
Maidstone Vlog INTRO .
OG Course Vlog at Maidstone W/ Turner (D1 College Golfer) .
Maidstone vlog .
Squad hits Maidstone City - First Proper Vlog! .
Vlog # 42....Cherry picking in Maidstone, Vlog # 42 .